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Great Job!

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Scott Butler to work with or for your organization. Scott was hired to help our company transform one of my most challenging residential apartment house projects to date and he did a great job!

Through Scott’s hard work, tenacity and breadth of experience as a law enforcement officer and real estate broker, he successfully collaborated with our management team, local law enforcement, neighboring business owners and tenants, to lawfully remove undesirable tenants, vagrants and unauthorized occupants; while leasing all vacancies to good tenants, at market rate.

By partnering with the community, Scott help create a peaceful living and working environment, for both tenants and maintenance crews alike.

Our company has been serving the Los Angeles area for over 30 years, providing safe, clean, well-managed rental apartment houses, and I commend Scott for his professionalism and leadership which contributed to our success and continued effort to provide excellent service to customers and stakeholders.

Benjamin Leeds
President | Leeds Property Management

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